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LEGO Among at Us Close Us Among Look Compatible Minifigures

Reviews of Renzaima 698 Non LEGO Among Us Mod Minifigures An unknown Chinese clone brick maker Renzaima had trip on the popularity of the Among Us video game and also launched minifigures of Among Us Crewmate or Charlatan. If you desire Among Us Crewmate or Charlatan in LEGO minifigure kind, this is for you. You may purchase Renzaima Among Us Minifigures from Aliexpress. Open Box of Renzaima No. 698 Among Us Minifigures There are 8 boxes of Among Us personalities to gather. Purchasing all 8 will certainly give you two surprise personalities. Renzaima 698 Among Us non LEGO Minifigures Rear of packages with instruction to construct mini collections represented the scene from the Among Us game. Means to assemble the Among Us figure on top of the flap of packages. Renzaima No. 698 Among Us Area Alien Stickers to recreate the setup in the video game. The following are printed parts.   Close Consider LEGO Compatible Among Us Minifigure All the 8 figures shared the very same